Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here it is the end of March!!!

Where has the month of March went to? The last day of it and I am not sure where it was or gone to. Sounds so me. I lose days and get mixed up so easy that it is not funny at all. 

Here I sit with Birdie, my late nite owl goffin, he has to be first one up and last one to bed. But if he hears me up then he will not go to bed but will scream at me. so am cleaning the kitchen up and trying to unwind as today was another one for the record. rain and 5 kids or I should say 4 kids trapped in a house inside it, equals mayhem and destruction to the inside of it. And me trying to keep things in control. Daughter is so sick and is on couch/bed rest until surgery which was to be tomorrow but got cancelled because of another issue they found and that one has to be dealt with first for them to be able to do the surgery. so here is hoping that next week will be good news.