Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Changes are afoot.

Well changes were made and for good or bad they are done. I feel relieved that it is done or mostly done I should say. 

This decision has cost me all of my parrots with the exception of one of them. My congo grey, sacha. I knew when I made it that I would have a heart of pain because of it. I was just not prepared for it. 

For the ones reading this that really know me. They know that I spent 30 days in jail. For whatever the reason I will never do so again! No man is worth it to ever go to jail. just my opinion on this. 

Let's say I have a healthy respect for my daughter and son in law. How they do it with 5 kids and some are special needs.  I have no clue how they do it on a good day . I would have lost my mind by now. I am living with them as that is where I am at. I enjoy being with my daughter and the grand kids. They look at life so differently from one to another of them. so it is a wide variety with them. 

Now I just have to learn that I do not have to ask permission to go somewhere which I have had to do for the last 13 years of my life. So strange to do so. So now I have to break this habit as I am only responsible for myself. 

And idiot child had the audacity to ask me if I PLANNED ON COMING BACK TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Told him he was a damn fool and I was filing for a divorce.   wooooo go me.