Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just thoughts

The month of April is on its way to being over with. And I sit here and wonder what the new month will bring with it. 

You know you make changes and you expect it to be easier but when you are still dealing with the stress of being harassed through facebook and email by the person you left it sucks. You have not had a chance to get through all the bullsh*t of dealing with said person. 
Or dealing with his lies and trying to pressure you into returning to him because he oh so cares and can not cope without me there to hold his hand. and he is grasping at straws, with I am going to kill myself and me going whatever and hanging up on him. Because frankly right now and all I would rather be a widow than divorced again. But that is my opinion only. 

On a different note. I am adjusting to the mad house of 5 kids, 3 huge dogs, 1 so not big puppy, 5 parrots, 2 parakeets, chinchila, and gerbil. It is a multi pet family. lol never a dull moment to be had and lol the under the board for time out is a hoot. as long as you can see them it works. but if you are not diligent in watching them they sneak down the hall or quietly appear with the others in the floor watching kid shows on tv. lol so you have to keep up with them alot. 4 out of 5 are special needs. So it means closer watching than usual. You get the hang of it after awhile. and the parrots love all the going on and interaction. course now I have a couple that have learned to whine their words but got to admit it is funny. Stan my son in law sometimes gets frazzled in the morning rush to get 4 kids ready for school. Not so many days ago he was so frazzled he kept repeating get dressed, get dressed, get dressed. Lol my Birdie he picked it up and now in the mornings he is telling the kids to get dressed, get dressed, get dressed. You have to laugh it is so cute. And it is just little stuff. Dudley and Monkey that were given to me are growing in their feathers that had been picked at. Meekit aka dudley, is a girl rather than a boy, had a bare chest area and up under the wings. I am so proud of her. she has most the feathers back in on her chest area and not picking either. Monkey on the other hand is a riot. If you take the time to listen to him, you would laugh yourself silly. If he does not get out when he thinks he should he quilt trips you with saying he has been locked up for eternity....he laughs like a monkey and hangs from the top of his cage like a monkey. they have brought a lot of laughter and happiness into the home. The grandkids have learned that they need to steer clear of cages. and not to put fingers in them. well that is unless you are LaLa or Susie. They love Sacha, and they are constantly feeding him snacks and he is taking it from them and he lets them all the way up and lets them put hands in the cage with him. with out biting them. I think not in the to distant future that he will step up for lala. which she is so in awe of him. out of all of them he is her pick. 

lol got to go morning is not to far off and then it is no sleep at all. no sleeping in late except on the days that stan has off. and those are treasured like gold days for us.