Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a beginning of a difficult day!

Started off the day with a migraine and have a bad case of depression. Three of the younger kids crying for mommy at the start of the day. Heartbreaking to say the least. A son in law who did not know how to handle the situation as he is dealing with his own case of depression over the situation. Which leaves me to step up to bat and handle it. Which I did because that was what was needed. 

Along the same note, I hate the beginning of school year......someone brought home a stomach of course I am the one affected with it as I am most likely to be the one with it. Well that is what happened. On top of it yep you guessed it I got it!

Today is also a busy day. I have to run about Susie and get what has to be done before the others get home. and when nap comes I have to mop floors. 

I swear I am fed up with dogs escaping and running off. This is the decision, since 2 of them got out and was gone for over 3 hours they brought themselves home. So no more panicking about it. I will not search for them again. The only one I will worry about is Goliath. Because he usually will not come home.  Him I will chase down....

Have I mentioned I hate laundry behind 5 kids. Stan and I have the least amount of clothes of the bunch. It is all I can do to keep up with housework behind 5 kids and everything to do with the upkeep of the house and them.    

I have to laugh last nite Lorelei had some peanut butter cookies and sacha got down off the cage and ran to her to get one of them and then made a beeline back to his cage. lol so cute it was. 

I am so proud of all the birds, they handle a high busy house with 5 kids and the large dogs really well. my two Birdie and Sacha had never been around either of them. They have adjusted really well and they both love the kids. Birdie has finally stopped chasing them and will go over and sit on them when they are on the floor and they will step up and interact with all of them. Sacha is a bit more selective who he interacts with. But if it involves food, he don't care who he begs it from. lol.....does not matter if it is Stan or the kids. And Birdie who hates men, he loves to interact with Stan. And Sacha who attacked Donny every chance he got, well he will step up and interact with Stan also. It is so amazing to see the change in both of them. They will get down and explore the house. I have found Sacha all the way down the hall into the master bedroom. or over by the garage door in the kitchen. if I have laundry baskets he will climb up in them. Meekit loves the baskets as well. And my little guy who never said anything but peek a boo, is an accomplished talker. Now remember he is 8 yrs old. it is amazing the way my 2 have turned around. Sacha is even growing feathers back slowly but he is. so proud of him. 

now all I have to do is turn Alf around. It was my daughter's goffin cockatoo. He would not let anyone handle him, even her rarely. As long as he is on his cage he is aggressive, and recently floor aggressive. When off the cage he will interact with me as long as I sit in the recliner between the 2 cages. Alf will come down and join me with Birdie and Sacha. Birdie will interact with Alf in that setting, and Sacha not at all. When Alf gets on their cage they put him/her off the cage as it is their cage. 

I got to run laters