Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what a day

Been while since updating on the blog. Just have not been up to it really. 
I finally got everything gone and omg!!! I got a real live shower. yep, ran the hot water out. so finally it is over. 

I found out this week that my puppy will be coming home around the first of the month. Going to drive partway to meet daughter and pick her up. will get to see grandkids and daughter so excited about that.  I get to see the newest granddaughter to!  now of course is the dilemma of letting hubby know we are doing it....shush----will break the news closer to time. he is prepared for shiloh coming. but he is in for a surprise...another dog and a parrot will be coming along with them....not telling him that either until on the road to get them. I really do not think it will be a problem. as one will be outside most the time.  I can sneak her in some when he is not home.  shiloh is stictly an inside dog. and he knows that he is concerned with tail wagging and cages....I have been told she is a real wuss on some stuff so hopefully that is one of the things because I have to teach her that the parrots are for her to protect and to keep nose and tail away from the I can just see some of the larger parrots who have a habit of sticking their feet out to grab anything that gets close to the cages. 

and speaking about parrots. He is absolutely not QUALIFIED to feed Merlin. I came home this last time from the hospital and my poor baby had baby food stuck to his crest feathers and all over his face. asked him what happened and he said he thought he was going to bite him so he tossed the spoon at him. and he wonders why merlin wants to nail him everytime he goes by the cage...and Sacha is trying and has jumped on him bite him when he passes his cage. and all he can do is scream help come get him. he is such a wuss when it comes to my parrots. and no mistaking they are that with the exception of one of them. 

so much for excitement at my house. it revolves around the parrots. I have finally been able to get into my sewing room and put it in some sort of order....which is a job in itself. he painted rooms when I was in the hospital the first time...he took from those rooms and tossed in the sewing room....clothes that had been missing that I had been looking for.was found. I washed 7 loads of laundry because they were everywhere. don't think I did not mention it to him....I guess I could look at it that he had not boxed everything and put in the storeage shed / room out back with Coco....she periodically goes through the boxes she can reach and seems she is fond of catalogs....which is not a big loss so have not fussed at her about it. she is basically a good girl but she follows him around and then she does everything he does. including trying to help with the compost and then he fusses at her. 

I better close for now it is 2:30 am and could not sleep so thought I would get this done.