Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh what a week.

What a my sewing room mostly unpacked..(just quilt books to put on bookcase) waiting for hubby to put them together. while doing that I had boxes in the hall that had been broken down to get rid of them. I was having a bad bad day with being uncoordinated.
So I fell over them and of all things broke my little toe. Now I knew my foot was hurting but I thought it was my ankle which I have been so graceful over the years and have hurt it so many times. that is what I had done again so did not look. took 2 aleve and kept going. So when I took a shower that evening, low and behold I found out what was causing it. my foot was black and blue. and swollen. only me----I just love days like that...not!  

my week has been a series of the same thing. off balance and a bit not with it. this morning I dropped a dish  of parrot food, split 2 cups of coffee on myself. so took myself off to the computer. figured it would be safe enough.  

I hate days like this. I am so not with it. and not being a morning person that makes even harder on me when I have to deal with it. yesterday I got the wipes my daughter sent me to sew up for her. it will go back out in the mail today. hopefully if I catch the mail man. 

off to see what else I can drop or otherwise for the day. just got the call that on Monday I go for the upper GI which I am not looking forward to.