Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Evening

Today is Sunday the day you get ready for the start of the week. usually that is. in this case though it is a start of more tests (tuesday) and the surgeon on thursday.

Spent a lousy holiday season, the first of the year and my birthday in the hospital.

I thought I just had a really bad virus seems like it was much more serious than that. I had gallstones so bad that they were in the liver and the pancreas's and my liver was shutting down and it was starting to flow over into my stomach all of it had gangrene so I am very lucky to be alive. the surgeon said 2 more days and I would have been dead. and they could not do the 3 little holes for the surgery although I have them to but I am cut all the way from my stomach to my side. just another scar to add to the road map, lol and dang I have STAPLES IN MY DAMN BELLYBUTTON

I am still not out of the woods yet but will be so happy when I am. I am looking forward to a decent shower (can't right now because of stuff came home with me) and a decent hair wash. have you ever tried to wash your hair in a sink? it sucks!

Ok my cockatoos and macaw has been on a screaming kick all day long. nothing made them happy. some days it happens. mostly when hubby is home and the fact that they are clinging to me because they are afraid that I will disappear like I did when I went to the hospital.

and I have a jerk for a hubby right now as he is having to pull weight with stuff I normally do and right now am not allowed to do by the doctor. even though he knows it he still has to act like a child about things