Saturday, January 30, 2010

It is a bad day

There is nothing like not being able to do stuff and the person who has to do it because they know why you can't act like it is a real pain and this is after god knows how many beers already this morning. This is what makes me wish that I was not married. When you are made to feel like a burden because of circumstances that you have no control over.

It is a bad day anyway, when to bed with headache got up with headache and rainy weather. sure do not help things. nor is it when I do stuff I should not do and am hurting really bad. because if I leave it to him it would never get done. the parrots are mine therefore he feels he should not have to do anything for them or help with trying to clean cages even if it is just changing the cage papers. so who does that leave? me that is who.

I think I will be going in to sit with the parrots soon and do a little handwork then I most like will be ready for a nap. will try to add more later