Sunday, January 31, 2016

Been a while.....

Been a while since posting. Just alot going on and stuff running around in my head and can't get a grip on it or a handle on all of it.
Been working on getting the rock garden cleaned out and redone for the wedding this coming month. Has been a real job too.  What a mess it has been and a challenge to. Yesterday Marty called me early and I mean early (they get up at 4:30 every morning and me I am not a morning person so they delight in getting my unhappy butt up!) to come and go with her to pick up a half ton of pea gravel and the stone edging for it. Then in the early evening when it has cooled off she called over here because my brother told her to call her sister (wow sister...I like that) to get over there as there was work to do.  Course now I have her bright ass yellow truck in the drive as the gas beast is over with pea gravel still in it. The gas beast is a full size dodge ram truck. She don’t get a very good gas mileage but then again I put 60 in at the beginning of the month and it last all month. I do not do much running around so it is not to bad. The most it goes is back and forth here in Bone Gap.
Marty and I joined a gym and we have been going to work out around her work schedule to do so. Neither of us wants to go by ourselves not only is it safer in case one of us gets hurt. Let's just say it has been an experience neither one of us will repeat. And by that the other day when we were there.....I am so sure they had a good laugh when they looked at the cam.....Marty got on a machine I forget what it is called, but you adjust for hanging upside down and she did not change the settings on it and got stuck... upside down and almost fell out of it.Well in my hurry to get to her I tripped getting off the exercise bike that sits low. Needless to say I don't think she will be trying it in the future!!!! We looked at each other and busted out laughing like idiots.....but was worth it to.
My tomcat Tigger is such a sweet boy. The only thing about him being outside and all is the fact the landlord has a mommy cat (what I call her and then socks and sweetie) and two kittens. They are suppose to be barn cats but she had the kittens here under my trailer. So of course I am now feeding 4 cats instead of one. I will not see them go hungry call me soft hearted but it is what it is. I have to admit that the kittens are cute as can be. I have a hummingbird feeder out on the porch and the silly kittens try to catch the hummingbirds and the feeder is not close enough where they are jumping up and then they go splat into the flower bed. You would think they learn not to do it but that is not the is not uncommon for me to see cat noses against my front door. Or laying all over the porch. It is an old antique door that has 15 panes of glasses (pain to clean to ) and has a yep! Skelton key for it. Yesterday Sacha was scooting around on the floor while I was working in the kitchen and he went to the door and did his feathers up thing and I explained to him that is why they are on the other side of that door for his safety.  They of course was there looking in at him.....
Today is going to be a laid back day for me as fought off and on all night a headache trying to work into a migraine.....not good this morning I feel like a wrung out dishcloth. I am enjoying the quite as my babies has adjusted to having their own room and only out here off and on through the day. No screaming which is really a welcome change for me. The other day I laid down on the sofa and took a nap. And as Sacha has to sleep weird now (don’t get me started on that) he laid down with me. We slept for 2 hours.....and would have slept longer if my phone did not ring